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Fed Up is Not Giving Up, It’s Getting Up!

When we are totally fed up we feel like giving up. It is a breaking point where we get angry with ourselves and our circumstances.  It is not a place where we feel like quitting, it is a place where we feel our backs have been up against the wall to long and we are ready to make some concerted changes in order to have a different experience.  We have determined we are no longer going to live a certain way.  We reach a point when we are prepared to take the necessary action to make something happen and move in a different direction that takes us directly out of the comfort zone that has kept us trapped in the experience we are having.

When you reach the point that you are fed up, you are ready to entertain new options.  You are ready to receive new truth, devise a new plan and take fierce action to make the changes in your experience to move in the direction you want to now go.  Being fed up is not giving up, it is changing directions and saying no to the complacency and fear that has trapped you into the experience you now seek to change.

When we get fed up we are moving on a new POWER that is surging within us to get up and take action to make some changes happen. For example: We get fed up with our weight, so we lose it.  We get fed up with our jobs, so we change them.  We get fed up with certain relationships, so we get out of them.  We get fed up with the lack of education and opportunity, so we get busy creating it.

Until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you probably will stay in the uncomfortable comfort zones complaining about the changes you wish you had, but are to fearful to take action to make happen.

Stop blaming your shortcomings and the experiences you are currently in on other people, circumstances, or the lack thereof. Stop sitting in the complacency of despair wishing someone would come along and rescue you. News Flash: There is no rescue squad coming.

News Flash: There is no rescue squad coming. There is no Prince Charming or Cinderella. They are called fairy tales for a reason. The rescue you seek is already within you. God designed you that way.

Being Fed-up is the beginning of moving into the change you seek. Until you get Fed-up you will continue to live through the same trials and tribulations and negative situations until you reach the breaking point that you become angry and fed up. At this point you are then motivated to get up and do something to change our own L.I.F.E.

There is no blame to place on anyone regarding your situation or circumstance. You got yourself into the mess and the truth is you have to get yourself out. The good news is that you have the full-blown POWER of the Divine living within you to get you out of the mess you created and have been too fearful to move out of.

Work is part of the Divine Process of L.I.F.E. There must be some form of work/labor in order for L.I.F.E. to continue to BE. Faith without works is dead. You gotta put in some work to make your L.I.F.E. what you want it to BE.

You can have all the faith in the world that your situation will change; that the right person will enter your L.I.F.E., that the right job, the right opportunity, the right money etc… will simply fall in your lap.

The truth of the matter is that nothing in L.I.F.E. is stagnant. All of L.I.F.E. is doing some form of work in order for it to BE what it is. Flowers are blooming, water is running, winds are blowing.

It is OK to be angry with yourself about the progress you have not made. Allow yourself to get angry and reach the point that you are fed up. Feel it! Experience it!

When you get through being upset with yourself, get up and center yourself in peace so that you find the Divine Guidance necessary to move out of your uncomfortable comfort zone into the zone of change, abundance and joy. Get up and LIVE!


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